We specialize in locally inspired flavors, but are constantly experimenting and bringing new flavors to the market. We offer 4-5 flavors at every market. Purple Sweet Potato and Chantilly are always available (if they aren't sold out!) as these are our most popular flavors. The other 2-3 flavors are switched out every week to give variety to our customers. Email us a flavor request and we'll bring it to life-we want to create your ideal butter mochi!

Follow us on Instagram @mochilab808 to know which flavors are available at the market that day!

Our always growing list of flavors:

Purple Sweet Potato


Pumpkin Crunch

Bananas Foster


Macadamia Cream

Tropical Macadamia

Salted Caramel

Bacon Caramel

Black & White

Peanut Butter Dream



Strawberry Guava

Mango Tango

Li Hing Mango

Pina Colada


Buko Pandan

Matcha with Adzuki

Black Sesame

Vietnamese Coffee with Milk Jam

Thai Iced Tea

Saffron Rose

Gingerbread (holiday only)

Peppermint Mocha (holiday only)